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Friday, December 24, 2010

"My 9 Minutes survey"or maybe more for me

i've been tagged by my sisterr!!!yaw..
ok here we come..let's see what i got..

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating ok?

Starting time: 3.49pm
Name : Renie Ellyana Mohd Tahir
Brother(S) : one, Mohd Arizal Mohd Tahir
Eye colour : Black.
Shoe Size : 7,8 ,and 9
Hair : Curly
Piercing : ears and nose!
Height : 160 cm
What are you wearing right now : dress kotak2..haha
Where do you live : currently at UnISEL btg berjuntai kuala selangor
Favourite Number : 12
Favourite Drink : MILO
Favourite month : SEPTEMBER
Favourite Breakfast : sambal tempe..ayam msk kicap..nyum3


Broken a bone : nope
Been In a police Car : not yet..huhu
Fallen for a friend : of course! x sengaje yeww!
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : yes in love~
Swam In the ocean : nope
Fallen asleep In school : YES.selalu!
Broken someone's Heart : oppss!!i did it again!
Cried when someone died : mestila...i sensitive ok..sob3
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : tiap mlm...tggu topek gila!
Saved E-mails : nope...xske! rimas.
Been cheated : ermm...pernah jew..lumrah hidupp..biase arr..hahah


Your room look a like : dinding d conteng by ain n me!wahaha
What is right beside you : teddy bear ain...(my roomate)
What is the last thing you ate : sambal goreng tempe..n telur dadar..


Who did you last tell : topek..bibi yyg watpe tuu?? zzzzzzzzzz.
Who was the last person you danced with : iza biza zazu!!
Who last made you smile : facebook!


What are you listening to right now : through the eyes of love by melissa manchester
What did you do today : drive from ijok to kg bestari jaya..
Are you the oldest : nope..second!
Indoors or outdoors : indoors!


Talk to someone you like : yeshhh!!
Kiss someone : bibi yyg!!
Sing : yes..speechless by lady gaga..poyo ok!!
Talk to an Ex: to His brother!
Miss someone? : so badly! my love!
Eat : dh mkn dh!!alhamdulillah!


You talked on the phone to : <3>
Made you cry : this morning...mcm besa la..topek lagi!!
You went to the mall with : boyfriend and my ladies!
Who cheered you up : friends!


Been to Mexico? : my dream
Been to USA? : no...dalam mimpi ag..


Have a crush on someone : yes.! u texting me non-stop!
What books are you reading right now : mmg xla!!
Best feeling in the world : xpayah pegi practcl thsi january..
Future kids name : naquib and sara
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : selimut busuk shaye!!
What's under your bed : semut merah...tilam semata2..
Favourite sports : tido d i umh...jogging dlm mimpi..
Favorite place : home.
Who do you really hate : fatin zahidah!
Do you have a job : im a student!
What time is it now : 4.05 pm

With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My 9 Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples.


put your hands on your chest,

then ask your heart what you really want,
* silent*sigh*
only heartbeat was heard,
then, u realize, the heart was you..
you should answer it yourself.
heart never talk..heart only feel what it supposed to felt..
ouchh!!getting hurts inside..pain..pain..and pain..
heart..never leave me..i need you in my life..without you,
i'm lost..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

hello again..

heloo...dh bekurun x men 'type'..huhu r u?
dlm mse brbulan2 yg lalu n temsuk bulan ni..bnyk dh jadi..semua nya ok2 belaka..

~~5 disember 2010~~
i kuar ngan bibi..g tgok movie..NGANGKUNG..mmg lawak giler..hahaha..x benti gelak..but yg x best nyewww
ade la c bf n c gf ni..dok blkg i n bf i...tbe2 muncul setapak kaki yg berbaur x manis..MASAM ok...mmg la mcm hampeh k..pulak kt sebelah aku!!gila la..hahah..but it's ok..die pon byr..but U HAVE TO RESPECT OTHERS KN??..

today is my along's bithday...happy bday to you u..cptla kawin!!haha

rewind blik cte yg bertarikh 28 november 2010 brsamaan ngan hr ahad.
RAJA NURSYUHADA@kak sya dn pasangannnya mohd firdaus dh kahwin...wahhh best nyew.. congratz kak sya!!semoga kekal smpi bile2.ok
bawah ni ade pic2..skit jew..yg len tgok kt fb ok syg2 i...

Restaurant Sri Melayu, nite b4 the wedding.
me with the PENGANTIN
Beautiful Bride